Spice Simulation with TINA Design Suite v12.

Westernacher electronics is distribution partner of the company DesignSoft. TINA Spice, simulator incl. layout design for PCB and other products can be obtained directly from us. For the simulation and analysis of circuits we use in our engineering office among others the Spice-Simulator Tina.

Tina Spice Simulator.

  • DC analysis: With the DC analysis, operating points and node voltages can be calculated and transfer characteristics can be displayed
  • AC analysis: For network excitation with harmonic signals, phase and complex node voltages can be calculated and Nyquist and Bode diagrams can be displayed
  • TR analysis: When excited with any time-dependent signals such as triangle, rectangle, PWM, etc., the time response of any circuit can be analyzed
  • Further simulations such as digital simulation, mixed-signal simulation, microcontroller simulation, VHDL simulation, Monte Carlo and worst-case simulation, etc. are possible

Tina PCB Editor.

  • The PCB tool can be started directly from the simulated schematic
  • Powerful Autoplace and Autoroute algorithms are available
  • Multilayer layout with DRC and forward/backward annotation
  • Mixed boards with Star-Flex are possible without problems
  • Direct output of Gerber files
  • For PCBs created with TINA a 3D view for visualization or housing planning can be created immediately

Tina versions.

  • TINA is available in different versions with different simulation possibilities, also with and without PCB designer
  • For pupils/students and schools/universities there are particularly attractive offers in terms of price
  • The software protection of TINA can be done by USB dongle or network license

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