Professional software solutions for electronics with microcontrollers, automation technology, embedded systems and IoT from Westernacher electronics.

For over 20 years we have been supporting our customers with innovative and future-oriented software solutions.

According to your wishes and requirements Westernacher electronics designs innovative microcontroller applications for tasks in instrumentation and control engineering or develops embedded systems preferably under Linux including IoT applications.

Electronics and automation technology.

  • Programming of microcontroller applications in C/C++ and Assembler
  • Implementation of firmware incl. bootloader
  • Selection of interfaces (e.g. RS232/485, USB) and implementation of protocols for communication, field buses (e.g. LIN, CAN)
  • VHDL synthesis, incl. state machine design and timing analysis for customer specific programmable logic (PLD, FPGA)
  • Automation of measurement tasks for tests and endurance runs with e.g. LabVIEW

Embedded systems & Internet of Things.

  • Hardware and software developments
  • Scalable solutions from in-house development to the use of e.g. ARM-based SoC modules with Linux as operating system
  • Implementation of client-server applications using PHP, Java, JavaScript and Ajax
  • Driver / library development under Linux
  • Measurement and analysis of physical values such as voltage, current, temperature, acceleration
  • Development of smart devices according to your requirements with touch display, WiFI, Bluetooth, etc.

Individual software and algorithm design.

  • Programming of graphical user interfaces (GUI design)
  • Solution of technical and scientific problems
  • Design of stochastic and deterministic algorithms for the solution of NP-problems
  • Implementation of AI applications, neural networks and expert systems

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