ASIC-Layout and ASIC-Design by Westernacher electronics.

Since our foundation in 1997, we have offered a broad portfolio of engineering services especially for semiconductor manufacturers.

We are your competent partner for the development of complete ASICs and the creation of optimized layouts in modern CMOS and mixing processes with tools from Synopsis, Cadence and Mentor.

Our engineers are experienced in the design and simulation of new circuits. Especially in the full-custom ASIC layout of integrated circuits we have the greatest expertise in all subtasks.

Engineering services ASIC division.

  • Consulting and development support for the design of integrated circuits
  • Simulation and circuit design of analog, digital and mixed-signal circuits
  • Full custom-specific layout of individual blocks and complete ASICs
  • Implementation of point tools and userware for design automation
  • CAD support incl. evaluation of new tools and technologies
  • Measurement technology, automation of measurement tasks with LabVIEW and LUA-Scripting, setup of test hardware
  • Design and layout of load boards, setup of test hardware

Speciality ASIC layout.

  • Floor planning as the basis for function and optimization
  • Construction of special components like power transistors
  • Placement and routing of critical circuit parts and high current units under consideration of design-specific and circuit-related constraints (e.g. symmetries, device- / wire-matching, thermal effects)
  • Design of pad structures including ESD routing, consideration of current density, top routing and special features of power & ground routing
  • Verification with the various common tools (DRC and LVS)

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