Westernacher electronics is your full service provider for sophisticated electronic developments.

For more than 20 years we have been active in our engineering office in Reutlingen near Stuttgart in the field of electronics development.

For companies in the electronics industry we offer our engineering services for buffering capacity peaks. For customers from outside the industry, we take over the complete electronics development up to the outsourcing of the complete development so that they can concentrate on their own core business again.

Especially the most modern electronic development is characterized in technical terms by a constantly increasing complexity and in economic terms by increasing cost pressure. Both require an exact advance calculation of the assemblies or circuits to avoid iterations through redesigns.

This is where our holistic approach with intensive consultation, simulation, expert circuit and layout development, including technical and economic boundary conditions such as EMC, current density, suitability for automatic assembly, minimization of costs for development and production, etc. comes into play. In the course of electronic development, we quickly supply you with prototypes and create functional models in various phases to ensure successful transfer to series production. As a full service provider, we are happy to offer you the complete series production of your electronics through our network of partners such as assemblers and designers.


  • Concept development and evaluation, feasibility studies
  • Support with the preparation of functional and performance specifications
  • Technical and economical optimization of existing circuits
  • Troubleshooting and analysis, reporting
  • Support during development from the circuit idea to series
  • Implementation of workshops
  • Project management and moderation

Circuit design.

  • Development of instrumentation and control engineering (ICT)
  • Design of analog, digital and mixed-signal electronics
  • Power electronics, motor controllers (DC, EC), stepper motors and switched-mode power supplies, DC/DC converters
  • Design and programming of microcontroller circuits and logic circuits (PLD, FPGA)
  • Design of embedded systems and IoT applications


  • Spice-based network simulation to secure the design
  • Design centering for yield optimization and cost reduction
  • Simulation for error analysis and validation of critical circuit parts
  • Verification of circuit changes
  • Modeling of components
  • Field theoretical and thermal simulation according to customer requirements
  • Evaluation of new simulators

Circuit board layout.

  • PCB layout of complex circuits (Altium Designer)
  • Oversized multilayer layouts
  • Layouts taking into account design-specific constraints such as current density, impedance-controlled lines, length compensation of lines, etc.
  • EMC critical layouts with dedicated power & ground routing, shielded lines, ground planes, etc.

Electronics production.

  • Generation of parts and order lists, Gerber data and PCB procurement
  • Oversized printed circuit boards (load boards) incl. gold plating, press-fit technology
  • Manual assembly of printed circuit boards (SMD, THT) for samples and small series
  • Cable assembly and adapter construction
  • Commissioning, modification and repair of manufactured circuits
  • Series production (automatic assembly, reflow)

Device development.

  • Construction, delivery of prototypes and functional models
  • Commissioning, climate tests
  • Construction of sample devices incl. mechanical processing
  • Design of special circuits, measuring and test benches
  • Housing construction via cooperation partner
  • Documentation and preparation of production documents

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